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Lens Spray and Cloth Bundle

Lens Spray and Cloth Bundle

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Trevor Williams Optometry Lens Spray and Microfibre cloth bundle. 

Lens Spray is 50mL 

Microfibre cloth is 15cm x 15cm 

Lens spray is for use on spectacle lenses.

DIRECTIONS: Spray each spectacle lens surface with lens cleaner and wipe dry with a lint-free cleaning cloth or tissue. 

Our general cleaning recommendation is to use our lens spray with basic tissues. Avoid any tissues with added aloe vera or moisturisers. You can use tissues on the lenses as long as you are cleaning the lenses wet. 

A simple wipe with soft pressure will work great. Do not press hard on the lenses as that can cause degradation of coatings that are on the lenses. 
Lens spray is not for use on contact lenses.